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I never wanted to quit my drugs and alcohol use, despite experiencing adverse consequences. I always blamed people, places and situation for my use. I was forced into the recovery by my family members and I developed resentments on my family. I was compliant in the treatment. During the course of my stay here, I realized how much i lost in all areas in my life and i could see my real personality. Subsequently, i was open and positive to the therapies, which helped me to get back my life. I am going to use these tools to maintain sobriety life long.
Srikanth, Hyderabad (India)
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I tried different rehabs before coming here, I found it different here. Protocols are very effective and in depth. I found GOD (Good Orderly Direction) here. I have learnt to believe in Higher Power. I will be ever grateful to this rehab, who gave me a new life.
Sanjay, USA
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I am very much thankful to Phoenix foundation. I got a new life here, my life was shattered and i was in a hopeless condition, when i was brought into this facility. Initially I was confused and did’t understand the system, but later i understood that everything is designed therapeutically to help me. Thanks once again for helping me.
Rahul, Delhi (India)
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I have tried different rehab for my treatment. Infact,I’ve joined rehabs just to please my family members. I never wanted to quit my drugs. after joining here i’ve under the meaning of my life. Therapists here helped me a lot, though i was pretending initially, later i realised the important of my sobriety. I have completed the program and i am l ready to go to start my new life. With the help of Higher power and fellowship i feel i can work on my sobriety one day at a time. Apart from therapy, the facilities are good and the staff is very supportive. I can recommend people here for treatment.
Mr. Abdulla, Oman
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One of the best facility i have experienced in the 15 years i have personally been involved in recovery centres. I will definitly highly recomend and promote this facility.
Dr. D. K. Naidoo, South Africa
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I have really enjoyed my stay, it was really warming and felt like home. I have also learned a lot here, the system used here is really good and educational i would like to thank everybody here for the hospitality.
Mukhtar Sahabodien Robertsham, Johannesburg, South Africa
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Thank you for giving me a true understanding and the meaning of love. You have a wonderful place with people who really know how to care. May god continue to guide and bless all of you, as you contine to help the still suffering.
Jayaram Padatachi, South Africa
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